Boom sustainable salon

The events of the last year have made us more aware than ever of how precious our planet is. This raised awareness means that many of us have felt a desire to be more environmentally-conscious and ethical as consumers.

At Strands, we have joined the Green Revolution and are on a mission to achieve salon sustainability. We’ve teamed up with environmental service Green Salon Collective, which means we’ll be dealing with our salon waste more responsibly than ever.

Did you know that according to a study at Southampton University, 99% of salon foil ends up in landfill? But by partnering with Green Salon Collective, 100% of our foil will now be recycled. The Collective raises money from this process, with these profits going towards charities and good causes across the UK & Ireland. And your hair can even be recycled! Green Salon Collective are working on hair boom and mat projects that could see your hair soaking up an oil spill, and it can be used for gardening and composting too.

To join Green Salon Collective, we need your support so a £1 ‘green fee’ will be added to each client visit. This means when you see us in the salon, not only will you leave with fabulous looking hair but you’ll be helping us save our planet too!