When did you join STRANDS: 

I started back in 2014 left and rejoined October 2021


What are your STRANDS highlights so far: 

I think one of my highlights about strands is asking to come back as I felt like I belonged there also going on amazing courses


What are your dreams, goals and ambitions: 

To become a super stylist


What do you love about your job: 

I love my team and creating blondes


Who are your style icons:

Molly-May, Kardashians


In 3 words describe your personal style:

Fun, talkative, happy person to be around


Who are your favourite Instagram follows:

Molly-May , Elle Darby , Kardashians



Top Holiday destinations

I don’t have a top holiday destination as I enjoy city break and a sunny holiday


Your Playlist: 

Little mix


Favourite movie

Greatest showman


What colour best describes you and why:  

Pink, because it’s bright and fun just like me


Fav Book:

I don’t have one