When did you join STRANDS: 

I started my apprenticeship in November 2021


What are your STRANDS highlights so far: 

Our weekend away in bath and attempting to work in my blow up Christmas Turkey outfit!


What are your dreams, goals and ambitions: 

To be Redken certified for colour and precision cuttingy


What do you love about your job: 

Before and After Hair transformations, giving an amazing head massage for our clients!


Who are your style icons:: 

Rihanna, and I love Molly Mae’s hair


In 3 words describe your personal style: : 

Neutrals and the occasional pop of colour!

Who are your favourite Instagram follows: 

@newfoodsuk and also @theDogist


Top Holiday destinations:: 

Anywhere that is sunny and warm you can’t go wrong!


Your Playlist: 

Any throwback 2000’s up to 2010!


Favourite movie: 

Donnie Darko


What colour best describes you and why:

Yellow best describes me as i am always really happy and bright whenever you talk to me and nothing is ever too much trouble!


Fav Book:: 

I was a bookworm when I was younger!
I’d be telling a porky if I had a favourite book now


Fave drink: 

Give me an aperol spritz or an elderflower and I’ll be happy!