When did you join Strands:

Started as an apprentice in August 2020.


What are your STRANDS Highlights so far:

Just working with the people in my team as theyre all lovely.


What are your dreams and goals:

To always love what Im doing and be the best version of myself I can possibly be.


What do you love about your Job:

I love the fact that my job doesnt even feel like a job.


Who are your style icons;

Olivia Neill and Madison Beer.


In 3 words describe your personal style:


Modern, monochromatic and I just dress how I like.

Who are your favourite Instagram follows:

tialambourn_hair, mollymaehague and skye.wheatley

Top Holiday destinations:

Anywhere that is hot and sunny all the time.

Your Playlist:

I love pretty much all music so would depend what mood Im in.

Favourite movie:

The Titanic

What colour best describes you and why:

Grey because basically everything I own is grey.

Fav Book:

I never really get the chance to read.