When did you join Strands: 

May 2021


What are your STRANDS Highlights so far: 

Weekend away to bath for our Christmas work do.


What are your dreams and goals: 

To become fully qualified and to specialise in colour.


What do you love about your Job: 

Learning new techniques and skills to help me qualify and being able to look after all our lovely clients. 


Who are your style icons;  

Zendaya and Rihanna.


In 3 words describe your personal style:

Comfy, plain and simple 🤣

Who are your favourite Instagram follows:

Conor jmd, redken


Top Holiday destinations




Your Playlist:

Throwback songs.



Favourite movie

Too many to name, anything comedy!!



What colour best describes you and why:

Yellow: always happy and have a smile on my face, even if you can’t see it under the masks.



Fav Book:

I’d be lying if I said I read and had a favourite book 🤣




Pepsi max or a nice cold glass of water or a cup of tea if I’m on morning shift 🤣